Thursday, November 9, 2017

I get quite a few questions but two that pop up all the time are how I get so many video views and how do I get DJs asking me for my songs so they can put me on the radio. Those two questions can be answered with the same idea format since the answer is relatively the same for both.
So here we go for both -
If you want people to like your songs or your videos then make good ones. To do that you need to do a few basic things and follow a simple format. I'll work forward then back to the start just like if it were a song - get it?
First - You MUST give them an emotion from your first words or your first few seconds of video.
If you want someone to like what you do, song, video, book, advertising or whatever, you must make them to feel the emotion of being where you are trying to put them. It is ALL about emotion. Paint a picture, tell a story!
You need to establish a few things right out of the gate OR establish one thing and let the others sit in suspense. BUT if you want something to sit in suspense you need to make people feel that suspense from the gate too!
Give them emotions they WANT to relate to or they WANT to hate. Step outside of your knowledge base and think to yourself, if you were someone else and had no idea at all about what you were about to hear or see, would you get it and how fast would it be before you got it.
To do that, you need to use an establishing shot/or words in your song. Like a painting, when someone hears your song or sees your video, as it unfolds, will the first image they notice be so strong that it catches their attention. If you don't have someone's attention in a few seconds you have lost your audience. Long drawn out intros that say nothing about the song will bore anyone to death.  In contrast, if an introduction gives the highlight of the melody of the song, it will hopefully be good enough to make the listener want more and watch on. You want to keep them intrigued or in suspense to hear that part again with the words or see what's down that road.
Next, after you have made your statement (establishing scene or words and music) you need to support that statement with proofs. The imagery of what you just boldly stated now needs a reason for why it put there. If you write a song about how great pizza is you better show a pizza shop in the front end, then people eating pizza and being really happy, having a great time and maybe love in the family.
Lastly, you need a conclusion that takes your statement, looks at your proof and closes with an argument that cannot be denied. (Everyone goes home smiling and hugging, therefore, pizza is the best thing on the planet).
Write within your ability to perform the song or shoot the image. Make sure you can get the phrasing into the song in the fewest words without losing the meaning or make sure you have the smoothest video shots to tell the story without long delays and breaks. Don't write a song about loving your dog that talks about going to the store to get motor oil. Stick to point with both words and imagery.
To reiterate, Paint a picture and tell a story. Every word or every scene must be it's best in telling that story without boring the watcher or listener. That statement of a few words must have not only the words but the emotional and logical melody line to make sense. If you write a song about your dog dying you certainly don't want a chromatic scale in a major key leading the melody from a low note to a high note hitting tonics, subdominant, and dominant notes as you go up. That would sound like you love the fact that your dog died. If you are singing about loving a woman, you don't want to descend with a minor, Phrygian or Dorian scale. That would sound sad.

Have a picture board in your or outline of what you want to say. Make notes on what goes where. If you are doing a video, storyboard out your videos with each line of the song and a quick description and rough drawing of each shot. Know where you are going before you start. The most important thing is the ending but you will lose them if you don't grab them in the beginning. The only way to be successful in both is to know where you are going before you start. Then, from the ending work backward to get to the start.
It is helpful to write the scaled you are in above your song and look at that scale as you write. Think about writing that melody out as you go. It is more common than not these days to have writers that don't know a thing about music trying to write music. It is one thing to write lyrics but music is a completely other language. Team up with someone If you need to. Your melody is essential just like a storyline. A good melody sounds great on any instrument. If you rely on a sound to make something sound good you better start over. You are not actually writing a good melody.
Though it should be obvious, use proper instrumentation and if its a video, use proper lighting, camera angles and cast your talent to fit the part. Your work needs to be believable. If you write that song about your dog dying, a bright horn section giving sharp stabs for rhythm is probably not a good choice.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Check out my video for I Met God In Mexico!

I hope you like it and if you do, please leave a comment, like the video, and if you want to see more soon - subscribe to my channel.

Have a great day and thanks for being a fan - it is because of you that I make music.

Danny Taddei~

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

#24 on the Trop-Rock Top 40

Radio A1A listener voting brought "A Change Will Do You Good up to #24 this week. I consider that pretty good considering the CD is a year and a half old by now.
Thank you to all my friends that listen and vote.

I'll have a new CD soon (As soon as my son finishes my new website). My son does all of that for me but broke is arm like all sons seem to do when doing tricks on a skateboard. We're postponed a few weeks but the wait will be worth it.

Thanks again

Danny ~!top-40/jsffc

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This is a nice thing to find out!

N1M Carts / Week 9, 2016
Alabama Rock
#1 Feeling No Pain - Danny Taddei
#2 A Change Will Do You Good - Danny Taddei
#3 Korina - Danny Taddei
#29 Going Unplugged - Danny Taddei
N1M Alabama Rock Charts, Week 9, 2016